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Hi there! I'm a self-taught entertainment and portrait photographer basing in Stockton, California. I currently work for University of The Pacific in their Athletics Department. 

Fun Facts: 

- I started photographing at the age of 15 with Echosmith being the first artist to ever photograph 

- I created my own digital music magazine called Veracious at 16 years old along with an online music networking group called Press Connect at 17 years old

- I work for UOP in many areas of the athletic department which some including marketing and as a traveling photographer for the men's soccer team

Companies I work for:

University of The Pacific - Sports Photographer 
2020 - Present 

Veracious Magazine - Music Photographer / Founder + Editor-in-Chief 
2016 - 2020

Goldenvoice - In-House Music Photographer 
2014 - 2020


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